Termite Control

3fa4bd065674a4c49cfa4f4475eefb2dStopping a termite’s destruction in its track.
Termites are not to be toyed with! Trust the professionals of Mid-State Termite & Pest Control Inc to Protect your home and business with the latest proven methods.

A new generation of bait systems.
Get BASF’s Advanced Termite Bait Station on your side. It offers faster performance then previous methods and quicker elimination of termite control.

State certified protection!
Many bugs are persistent, but termites take it to another level. Get our team of state certified technicians to effectively eliminate those pesky termites. Protect your property with technology and expertise!

You will want to get a thorough inspection from us…
if you have hollow sounding baseboards and floors, Termite mud tunnels near foundations, or evidence of dead termites or termite wings.

We have 30+ Years of termite control for:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial